grey skies. pt.1

bless the clouds for hiding the rays of the sun
they don't know what the cultivate behind them

lets detach our souls of pavement infested forests
and wander around the trails of our native ancestors
we are captive beings with dreams of boiling the oceans

watch the skies fade through kaleidoscopic eyes
and then soon the sun will rise from behind them empty bottles

bird fly
bear roar
fish swim
wolf howl

but baby deer don't be shy
baby deer dont be shy
baby deer no need to hide.

and then sky wont be grey.

i have no fear
no fear
in letting myself go
but i do want you
but i do want to be loved
and by you.

we will paint the walls into our own vibrant tribal shields
watch the paint drip down into spirals down our spines

and it will all heal naturally

eventually, they say

but first you need to open your eyes.